Bluegrass Master's Commission is a world class discipleship and on hands ministry training school. The staff has over 12 years of experience in raising up young adults to walk in their calling as they serve Jesus Christ. BMC is dedicated to educating every student that comes to us in as many areas of ministry as possible, whether it be music, dance, drama, preaching, administration, evangelism, pastoral ministry, service, or jobs in the secular market. Our motto is "To Know God and Make Him Known" and at BMC we are dedicated to doing just that. During the nine months a student is here they will learn who God is and intimately grow in their relationship with Him. They are then given opportunity to share who He is with “all the world." That will include every age group, race, culture, and social and economic status. We believe students should be able to “become all things to all men so that (we) might reach some.” Bluegrass Master's Commission (BMC) is in the process to becoming an affiliated program of Master's Commission International Network. 

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Our primary purpose is to develop strong disciples. Not ordinary everyday Christians. We want to take the average convert and raise them up to be disciples of Christ who are wholeheartedly committed to their relationship with Jesus, unwavering in their faith, and grounded in spiritual disciplines.


"How can they hear about HIM unless someone tells them?" Our mission is to win the lost and we will use whatever method or tool we have or can create to do just that. BMC is committed to opening our arms to every culture, economic status, race, age and beyond, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person we meet.


"Study to show yourself approved." Through our 2 tracks of academic options every student will complete courses that will help them move forward in whatever area of life they choose. Berean School of the Bible allows a student to receive their credentials to move right into ministry or Kentucky Community and Technical College which offers transferable college credits. Either path puts knowledge in the hands of the student and prepares them for the path God has chosen just for them.