The primary focus of Bluegrass Master's Commission is to prepare young adults to walk out their relationship with Jesus until they take their final breath. To not just teach the foundational principles of being a disciple, but to inspire them to live those principles wholeheartedly and unashamedly. Discipleship is the heartbeat of Jesus. It is the main lifeline to intimately knowing the Father.

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Do you want to change the world?! Then choose to be the hand of God extended and watch God use you to see people's lives changed. Master's allows students to get involved with all kinds of areas of outreach so they can reach people in all social, economic, cultural and generational groups



"Study to show yourself approved." Bluegrass Master's Commission offers 2 educational tracks to fit the needs of the student. We know that having the biblical knowledge to partner with the passion of the heart will help open greater doors. Whether moving toward a college degree or desiring ministerial credentials, we have made a way for every student to gain the insight needed to fulfill their purpose.