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Melody (Meade) Riehle


This is it! This is the step that will completely change your life. The one decision that will set you on course to know who Jesus is, to know who you are and to be able to make him known, quite possibly, to the whole world. 

I spent 12 years as a student, a staff member,  an assistant director and now as a director. I've seen how the impact of Master's Commission has not only changed the lives of my past students but also how it stayed deep in my own soul through the good times and the bad. As I walked through my own journey outside of Master's Commission, the principles I learned all those years ago remained. 

To spend 9 months fully committed to Jesus, is a once in a life time opportunity. Before the responsibilities become overwhelming, before your time becomes consumed by what we think matters, you are choosing to devote your heart, will, mind, and energy to the God who gave his life to save you. You are choosing to give him ALL of you for him to do whatever he wishes. To become more than a "christian", to become a DISCIPLE. One who walks intimately with their Savior. 

I am thrilled to walk this journey with you. My prayers have already been that you will see the power of God at work in your life. Come on, let's see what Jesus has in store!

*Melody has been in full time ministry for a total of 20 years. She completed her first 3 years of Master's Commission under the leadership of Pastor Lloyd Zeigler at Phoenix First Assembly. She is currently the administrator for Lighthouse Ministries for missionaries to India, Larry and Dollie Meade. She oversees the stateside partner communications and media, and co facilitates the administration of  3 schools in India. Her missions service has covered 26 countries, ministering through the Word, children's ministry, drama, music, physical labor, street outreach and more. Melody also ministers at churches sharing her testimony of drowning as a 5 year old and seeing Heaven.