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Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different from Bible College?

BMC offers you the opportunity to learn through a variety of methods. While our students do attend classes each week, much of our time is spent outside of the traditional classroom setting.

How old do I have to be to attend BMC?

While the average age of a BMC student is 18-25, we are open to discussing enrollment options with those who may be older. Keep in mind, to be a student you must be able to fully commit nine months of your life, therefore any responsibilities you may have as far as work or relationship must be willingly and completely delayed for those nine months. Students keep to a rigorous schedule which includes frequent travel both domestically and internationally.

When is the best time to apply?

We accept applications year-round. You can download an application from this site, just click here for more information.


When does a typical year start and end? 

Bluegrass Master's Commission year starts on a designated Sunday in September and ends Memorial day weekend in May. 


What can I do with my KCTCS credits? 

Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems is an online regionally and SACS accredited school whose credits will transfer to any major university or junior college a student wishes to attend. We provide this option so our students who may not be interested in going into the ministry are able to further their education while attending Master's Commission. Students are able to use FAFSA money to pay for this option. We strive for each student to take between 9 and 12 credits during their first year. ​

What is the benefit of Berean School of the Bible used for ministerial credentialing?

Berean is a non accredited bible course that will allow a student to pursue their ministerial credentials through the Assemblies of God. The courses will not transfer to many if any colleges and is not eligible for federal grant or loan money. For the students whose life course may not include a college degree but they want to move into ministry at a church, Berean will help them pursue that first step of credentialing which many churches require for on staff pastors.

Do I need health insurance? 

Yes. Each student must show proof of health coverage. Bluegrass MC is not responsible for medical expenses incurred throughout the school year. 

What do I need to bring? 

Upon admittance to the program, we will send you an acceptance folder that includes general information about the year and what to bring. 

Will I need a vehicle? 

The students will be required to do some daily traveling to and from campus as well as to other ministry locations. A good running car will be essential (or highly recommended). If you are unable to acquire a vehicle, please contact our office. 

Can I work while attending BMC? 

Master's Commission is a full-time commitment that leaves no time for outside obligations. In order to make this a life-changing opportunity for you to learn and grow, your complete dedication is needed. For that reason students are not allowed to maintain outside employment during the nine-month school year. 


Do I need to have all my money on registration day? 

We do ask that half of the total cost be due by registration, with the rest being paid in full by February of that same school year. We will be willing to work with a payment plan. The payment agreement must be approved and signed before the school year start date. Please contact our office to set up a payment plan if you are unable to pay in full on registration day. 


Is a high school diploma required? 

Yes. At BMC, we place a high priority on education. Therefore, we require each applicant to have at least a high school diploma or GED. 


How long does it take for the application process? 

We take applications VERY seriously. After receiving your full application, BMC will set up a phone interview. Once this is completed and the application materials are in, we will prayerfully strive to understand God's will for your future regarding BMC. Within three weeks you will receive a notification. 


What are you looking for in a perspective student? 

We are looking for a student who wants to seek God wholeheartedly. Someone who is serious about living their life for Jesus and reaching others with His message of love and salvation. It is less about perfection or ability and more about one's heart. 

Are overseas missions’ trips optional? 

Yes. While we would love for every student to have this experience we understand that not everyone has the ability to pay the extra cost. We do believe that traveling on a missions trip is an irreplaceable aspect of the student's experience and it is highly encouraged if possible. Cost is not included in overall tuition and destinations are determined by the BMC Missions Department. Some mission trips will take place over summer break. Efforts will be made to help students raise funds for these trips.


Are there any breaks during the nine-month period? 

Yes. There is a break at Thanksgiving and an extended break during Christmas. Dates will be outlined in your acceptance packet. 


During my first year at Master's, can I date? 

Dating can be a distraction to wholeheartedly serving Christ. We want to eliminate any distraction for those nine months that may take away from this once in a lifetime opportunity to be a completely devoted disciple. For that reason, we discourage students from developing or pursuing romantic relationships during their time at BMC.


Where will I live during the nine months?

Students will be housed in homes of Evangel World Prayer Center church members. We believe the experience of living with a homeopener is both beneficial for the student and the church families.


Is tuition tax-deductible? 

Unfortunately, tuition for BMC is not considered tax deductible. It may be possible to deduct whatever money is used for the KCTCS credit option.