If you are ready to take the most life changing step of your life, take time to prayerfully complete the form below. Be sure to include your picture and submit the $50 application fee. Applications can not be accepted until the application, picture and application fee have all been submitted. Someone one will contact you after the application is received.  

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Application Process

To apply for Bluegrass Master's Commission:

* Download the application.

* Completely answer all questions and complete the personal testimony portion.

* Give the Pastor's Reference Form to the pastor who knows you best at your church (please do not use any pastors that may be a relative or could provide an unbiased opinion of you). Ask them to return that form directly to the BMC office.

* Return the completed application and spiritual questionnaire along with a current picture (picture will not be returned). Pictures may also be emailed to bluegrassmasters@gmail.com

* Enclose a $50 application fee or submit your application fee here. Applications will not be processed without the application fee.

Once the application, pastor's reference form, picture and application fee have been received, someone from the BMC office will contact you for a phone interview. Upon completion of the phone interview, the staff at BMC will prayerfully consider your application and ask God for wisdom on your acceptance. You will then be notified by phone!

If you have any questions before you apply, contact our office at 502-802-0101 or at bluegrassmasters@gmail.com.